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East York Gym’s own Cassie Lee named to the 2024 Canadian Olympic Gymnastics Team and Lisa Cowan named as the 2024 Canadian Olympic Gymnastics Team Coach.

Cassie's Journey

If you could beat your personal best...

Would You?

If you could defy the laws of gravity...

Would You?

If you could grow, learn and play in a whole new way...

Would You?

Then East York Gym is the place for you!

Trampoline 7 yrs – Adult

What child or adult does not love to bounce? This is a thrilling and challenging program that offers the development of jumps, flips, twists and sequences of interesting trampoline skills taught by a certified trampoline instructor. We know that somersault skills are popular, however students must first show proficiency in trampoline basics before somersault development begins and therefore classes are geared to each athlete’s technical ability.

Choose from 1 hr, 1.5 hr or 2 hr classes all with the same class structure, just simply longer time on the equipment.