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If you could beat your personal best...

Would You?

If you could defy the laws of gravity...

Would You?

If you could grow, learn and play in a whole new way...

Would You?

Then East York Gym is the place for you!

Boys Competitive Programs

EYGC’s Men’s Competitive Program is for gymnasts ages 8 yrs + that have been selected for their dedication and physical ability.  Our teams train and follow the Gymnastics Ontario Competitive MAG Program which encourages both participation and excellence.  It provides a seamless progression of the required difficulty as one advances from level to level. The program strives to be diverse, progressive, yet safe and responsible! Our teams are amongst the best in Ontario and Canada, qualifying athletes to top competitions provincially and nationally, led by a team of coaches who are a minimum of Comp 2 certified with robust backgrounds and many years of positive coaching expertise.  Selection is by invitation only.  Contact the Men’s Head Coach for details.

EYGC’s Provincial teams follow the Canadian Provincial Pathways Program and is suited for athletes that are committed to long-term development within the sport.  Depending on the athlete’s level, routines will be comprised of compulsory skills, optional skills with increased emphasis on strength, speed, and flexibility.  Athletes participate in invitational competitions, provincial qualifiers, and Ontario Championships with the potential to earn positions on teams for the Ontario Tour, Eastern Canadian championships, and Canadian Championships. Our provincial athletes train 12 – 20 hrs per week.

EYGC’s Elite competitive program follows the Canadian Elite Pathways Program and is suited for athletes with the desire and ability to follow a training plan geared toward international success in individual and team competitions, and who are committed to a strict competition schedule with Provincial, National and International meets. Our Elite athletes train 20 hrs per week.