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East York Gym’s own Cassie Lee named to the 2024 Canadian Olympic Gymnastics Team and Lisa Cowan named as the 2024 Canadian Olympic Gymnastics Team Coach.

A Dream Comes True!

Paris 2024 – Congratulations to Olympic Team Member, Cassie Lee and Olympic Team Coach, Lisa Cowan.

It is a rare and extraordinary moment in an athletic career that such a success is earned, and we are proud and honoured to be able to celebrate one of the greatest amateur sport achievements of all times – the Olympic Games with not only one athlete, Cassie Lee but also her coach Lisa Cowan! Congratulations!

The Olympic dream was not accomplished alone, and it is important to recognize and thank all those that supported them along the way; Gymnastics Ontario, Gymnastics Canada, EYGC, coaches, administrators, friends, medical and physio experts, teammates and older brother Keon, to name just a few.

Extra special thanks are extended to Cassie’s parents, Binh and David, who have unconditionally given their time, energy, support and have instilled the deep and fundamental values required of this extraordinary journey. Exceptional young adults do not happen by accident, bravo mom and dad!!! EYGC recognizes and celebrates you too!!! We are grateful to have you as a part of the EYGC family and now also as a part of this monumental moment in EYGC history.


Cassie age 3

Cassie, age 3, trades her fluffy white animal costume for a gymnastics leotard and her gymnastic journey begins at EYGC.


the Mini Pre-Competitive team

It doesn’t take long for coaches to identify some unique athletic qualities and invite Cassie to join the Mini Pre-Competitive team, 9 hrs per week.

2012 – 2013

Cassie graduates to the next level of the pre-competitive teams

Cassie graduates to the next level of the pre-competitive teams, 12 hrs per week.


Lisa Cowan joins the EYGC coaching team as Co-Head Coach. Her story began in 1987, in her hometown of Kingston, at the Trillium Gymnastics Club, where she began coaching. She now boasts a rich and robust career of 37 years which includes 22 years as a National Team coach, a stellar reputation for her beam and floor technique and choreography and has been the recipient of coaching recognition awards.

With a flair for effective communication and detailed planning, Lisa has been a part of Gymnastics Ontario and Gymnastics Canada Program committees for multiple years and has been a guest speaker for coaching educational events across the country. Lisa has a highly regarded reputation as a Team Coach and has represented Ontario and Canada and numerous domestic and international games and championships.


Cassie begins competing

Cassie begins competing invitational and provincial level competitions level 5 – 8.

2015 – 2016

cassie in 2015-2015

As Cassie continues to compete in invitational and provincial competitions, her flair for beam and floor artistry and stability are developing and her reputation as a solid team player are catching the coaches’ eyes.

While Cassie is developing new skills and gaining experience, Lisa is also acquiring valuable experience on the international field of play. She attended the 2015 Jr Pan Am Championships with EYGC teammate Megan Roberts, is named Team Coach of the 2016 Pacific Rim Championships in Everett, USA and places Megan Roberts as the first reserve athlete for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil.


cassie in 2017

The results are starting to show! Cassie was 2nd All Around at Provincial Championships in the Level 9, Age 11-13 division earning her first Team Ontario position to National Championships where Ontario earned a team bronze medal.


cassie in 2018

Cassie enters the national stream as a novice and competes at her first Elite Canada (25th All Around) and then on to National Championships (16th All Around and silver on beam).


cassie and team in 2019

Cassie earns a position on the Junior National Team and was selected for the inaugural Junior World Championships in Gyor, Hungary and Lisa leads the Canadian Junior World Championship team as the team coach. Within Canada, Cassie places 4th All Around at Elite Canada and National Championships.


Cassie and Junior National Team in 2020

As a part of the Junior National Team selected for the International Gymnix, Cassie places 14th All Around and the Canadian Team places 4th. Cassie earns silver All Around at Elite Canada as a Junior.


cassie with medal in 2021

Cassie continues to climb the ranks earning a spot on the Senior National Team and has her senior international debut at the Slovenia World Challenge Cup in Sept 2021 with over 20 countries represented from around the world. Cassie wins gold on beam and 4th on Floor. This impressive result earns her a spot on her first World Championships Team in 2021, Kitakyushu, Japan.


cassie competing in 2022

There are more great adventures to be had this season! Cassie is stable and working hard. She earns a position on Team Canada for the Commonwealth Games, Birmingham, England where Team Canada earned team bronze and Cassie places 5th on floor.

At Elite Canada, Cassie strikes gold on beam and floor and silver All Around.

Lisa is named as the Canadian Commonwealth Team Coach.


cssie receives a special international recognition trophy in 2023

A special international recognition trophy (Jesolo Trophy) is awarded to Cassie for her gold medal beam performance. At Elite Canada, Cassie continues to impress with a silver All Around finish and silver on floor.


cassie competing in 2023

Cassie competes at the Pan American Championships in Medellin, Colombia, Team Canada Bronze and 5th on beam.


Cassie competing at the World Championships in Antwerp in 2023

Cassie competes at the World Championships in Antwerp, Belgium, Lisa is named the Canadian Team Coach. Canada places 12th as a team.


cassie and lisa dressed in team uniforms in 2023

Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile, Team Canada Bronze. Lisa is named the Canadian Team Coach.


cassie in 2024

The pressure continues to build as all of Canada is looking ahead to the Paris Olympics. Athletes are travelling the world to earn top scores which will prove their contribution to the Canadian Team. Cassie continues to dominate the beam and floor events! Gold All Around at Elite Canada, silver beam and gold on floor and at the International Gymnix event, she earns a gold on beam and bronze on floor.


cassie and lisa in 2024

Paris 2024 Canadian Olympic Team! A Dream Comes True!

Congratulations Cassie!… Your gymnastic journey was as spectacular as its destination! Slowly and steadily, you moved up the ranks, without muss or fuss or bells and whistles. You stayed centered and focused and enjoyed each step of the way with a calm confidence, kindness and positive team spirit that enhanced each training and every team event. Poised under pressure and genuinely happy, you have earned not only the highest technical gymnastic achievement, but you have also earned perhaps an even greater achievement …respect!! The entire gymnastic community will never forget your heart of gold (and spin triples and Canadian themed friendship bracelets) and we are confident that there are many more adventures and successes coming your way. We are privileged to have you as a part of the EYGC family. Congratulations and good luck!! We believe in you!!

Congratulations Lisa!…Coaching is a passionate and impactful career that requires a unique balance of compassion and intensity. The ability to push but not overwhelm, to inspire and instill grit and perseverance, have a relentless eye for detail, and all delivered with confidence, respect, grace, integrity and humility…and that is precisely who you are and how you are seen!! Your impact on the gymnastic community is a true gift and you will forever represent the true essence of elite coaching!

Cassie 2024 & Beyond

cassie competing in 2024

What is next? Cassie will begin her full scholarship academic career at Hawkeyes University in Iowa where she will be studying Health Sciences with hopes to one day follow in her mother’s footstep as a Dentist.

While still competing at college, we hope Cassie will find some time to indulge in some of her favourite things…perhaps a Sephora shopping spree or getting caught up in a Swiftie fan club event or binge watch Marvel movies on a rainy day! Enjoy!!

Lisa 2024 & Beyond

lisa in 2024

Friend to all animals big and small and hiking guru, Lisa will take a much-needed break immediately after the Games and enjoy time with friends, family and her beloved dog Pebbles. She will then resume her coaching at EYGC refreshed and ready for the next stage. Perhaps even looking for the next fluffy white animal costume ready to make a trade….stay tuned!